Who has always dreamed of living in the ocean, swimming with dolphins and basking on beaches all day long? Not to mention the perks such as always having perfect hair. The mermaid life isn't for everyone, but it's for you! Okay, so we can't turn you into a full-time mermaid, but we can make you a mermaid for a day!

If "Mermaid-ing" sounds perfect for you or your child, this is the tour for you! We take you out on a boat, while prepping you to be a mermaid, to several locations where a professional photographer will get amazing photos of you sporting your tail!

Tails are provided for photo session and are available in several sizes. There is also an option available to purchase your tail to take home with you if you desire. For more information on the photography portion of the tour, click here.

  • $225 per mermaid/$20 per human
  • Tail fitting and mermaid makeover can be done on the boat 
  • Coolers welcome
  • Restroom on board
  • Can hold up to 20 people
  • Comfortable bench seating
  • Handicapped Accessible
  • 30' covered pontoon boat
  • Reservations required
  • Minimum requirement to run tour: 5 mermaids

*Gratuity not included in tour price